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With years of solar experience, PHNX Power brings homeowners together with some of the largest, and most well established names in the industry. Operating as an electricity brokerage firm, PHNX was founded to help customers answer questions like, “What solar option is best for me?” or “How will future electric rates impact my family’s finances?” PHNX Power’s focus is to help homeowners navigate these important questions with someone they can trust and empower them to build their custom energy plan together.



  • The system was installed on time and on price.  We are very happy with the performance of the system (and with the resulting monthly savings).

  • I can't say enough about PHNX Power. From the minute I found Skylar on my doorstep and he started telling me about it, I was just astounded by the concept. Skylar is so kind and patient and answered all of my questions several times. Tyler and the install team were with me through all the inspections and approval process. Skylar came and gave me a tutorial of the equipment and then stood with me as I turned it on. I highly recommend PHNX Power to all my friends and neighbors.

  • We needed to lower our ever-rising power bills and are so happy we decided to go with PHNX! Skylar took the time to explain the entire process and answer all our questions until we felt very comfortable and confident in proceeding. Once the contract was signed Skylar continued to be actively involved, making sure every single step went smoothly. His contractors were fast, thorough, professional and at all times respectful of our home and our time. Skylar is a most impressive and honest human being and I would not hesitate to do business with him again. We've had solar for about a year now and are still very happy with our new roof, our new solar panels and our new lower power bills!

  • I have to say by far the BEST COMPANY in the business!!!! I don't really post reviews and this time I was so ABOVE and BEYOND impressed. If you're in the market in purchasing solar panels you would be stupid to go with another company. Skylar was honest, patient, informative and not once did he try to sell something I did not need. Don't be stupid call PHNX if you're looking to purchase Solar panels. Skylar if you ever read this THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

  • I had a chance to sit down with Skylar and hear what services he offers. Something I really appreciate about my experience was that he took the time to tailor what my needs were into a custom plan. He doesn't just read from script; he is well informed on what products are best and he uses that knowledge to help others save big time on their power bill. I would recommend Skylar for anyone who wants a custom plan or is new to the solar world.

  • We haven't had a light bill that was only $77 in about 35 years. For 21 of those years we had gas for heat, air conditioning, water heater, cooking etc. and our power was still more than that! I wish there was someway I could convince everyone I know to go with this program! Thanks so much for coming here that first morning

We encourage all customers to schedule an appointment and participate in their system's engineering.


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